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Leadership Tips for Today

By October 13, 2016August 14th, 2023No Comments

This week I thought I would share some simple things to help you as a leader, specifically in the area of time management. As a leader, I sometimes have so many things on my plate, it’s imperative that I manage my time wisely. Over the years, I have learned some things that save me time that I’d like to share with you.
1-Save all your phone calling for the car. I have figured out how to drive by now. Some states don’t allow for cell calls while you are driving unless you have bluetooth. If your state is one of those, get your bluetooth working. I try to save all the calls I need to make for when I am in the car so that I can accomplish 2 things at one time. When I am in the office, I concentrate on things that I can’t do while I am driving and make notes on who I need to call so that I can do that while I am driving. Especially when I am on the road for long trips (2 or more hours), I will intentionally make sure I do my conference calls then if possible.
2-Personal things on the road-This past week, I left home needing a hair cut, and a shirt. My thought was, “I’ll just do that when I get back home.” But when I arrived in the city I was traveling to, I had a an hour or so before my business meeting started. So, I found a place to get my hair cut and ran in to the Old Navy and grabbed a shirt. The cool thing is I didn’t have to this when I got home. And since my time at home is so precious and limited, I was overjoyed that I didn’t have to worry about this when I got home which meant more time with my family. 
3-Take 10 minutes and plan your next day the night before. I started doing that several years ago and it has saved me so much time. When I get up in the morning, I have a plan and work the plan.
What ideas do you have? What do you do to save time?

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