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Your Kingdom or His Kingdom?

By June 15, 2017August 14th, 2023No Comments

Hidden agendas. Crazy rhetoric. Ulterior motives. It’s everywhere and sometimes it even drifts into the church. Don’t be discouraged. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of our fallen humanity.

How do we get around it? How can it be overcome? 
If I’m honest, it’s easy for me to have my own agenda. Taking ownership of a vision or a task is good, but can suddenly we can become obsessive, prideful, and unable to hear from others around us. At that point, we have become a slave to the agenda or the mission. 
Everyday I am talking to partners whom I desire to serve. Many of them need the experience I have and could learn from the mistakes I have made, but often they don’t listen to what I have to say. Ultimately, I believe, the answer is because they are so focused on their own agenda that they don’t recognize help that could make it more possible for them to achieve it.
For you and I to avoid becoming a casualty of this kind of thinking, here’s some thoughts:
1-Recognize that you won’t be on the planet forever. When you realize that you will one day not be here, it changes your thinking. With all the super hero movies and fantasy movies out there, sometimes we think our world is like the world we see on the big screen. It’s not. One day you will die. One day you will not be here anymore. You and I have to realize the narrative of Christianity will keep being written after God has taken us home.
2-Because our days are numbered, stewardship becomes a major priority. I hate to waste time, energy, and money. I used to think interruptions wasted all of those. Sometimes interruptions do waste time, energy, and money. But…sometimes the interruptions are things that could be teaching us how to save time, energy, and money. Be discerning and don’t close the doors on things around you without asking God to help you steward time, energy, and money well.
3-Is is Your kingdom or His Kingdom? When you focus on building His Kingdom, you can’t go wrong. Hidden agendas and ulterior motives are always because someone is focused on building his/her kingdom and NOT His Kingdom. Never forget that Jesus told us the first thing we are to seek is His Kingdom.
What tips could you offer to say focused on His Kingdom?

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