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August 21 News Update

By August 21, 2017August 14th, 2023No Comments

The summer mission schedule has finally come to an end. The visiting teams have all gone back to the U.S. and our Dominican staff can get back to their rather strenuous fall schedule. Summer is an eight week marathon of discipleship camp programs, and ten visiting U.S. teams. We see hundreds of children in our three villages. The summer is so busy I get behind on writing “thank you” notes to our wonderful partners. So please accept this extremely heart-felt “THANK YOU” for your prayers and support this summer. The CUPS mission thrives because of our wonderful partners like you. May you be blessed.

Our CUPS mission DR team takes our generous resources and touches lives. You and I are God’s hands and feet, and we have some great helpers in Daniel, Judith, Jan, Elizabeth, Narcecil, Genesis, Franz, Luc, Jose, and Fabio. Together we empower children with hope and a future. Together we feed the genuinely hungry at the garbage dump five days a week. Together we build houses and community centers for poor villages. I am thankful that you have chosen to be in the family with us.

We have been called to lower la Union , a small desperate little village made up of mostly old sugar cane worker houses. I can’t begin to describe it… certainly few bathroom facilities for the children. If you work at the garbage dump, and you don’t live in the field around it, this is where you live. Living is rough here. It is a dangerous place to grow up. In fact there is a very sick lady living near our project who has threatened to “cut the face of a white man with her machete!” Some say she is crazy, some believe she is demon possessed. Either way this woman represents the danger of living here. No, there are not any authorities we can call until she actually hurts someone, then maybe… maybe… they will do something. We are building a small house for a very poor and very sick garbage dump worker here, and a great community center to bring hope and “good news” to this dark corner. Please keep the Cups Mission in your prayers. And if you would like to join us, get in touch!

Our stateside missionary team will be going back to train pastors and leaders as well as do other mission projects in Malawi in March 2018. If you would like details on that trip, please get in touch with us!