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Summer Teams are on the Way!

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Cups Partners,
    Many of you know the I underwent a heart procedure the last week of May. I was released in time to have a 33rd anniversary dinner with my wonderful wife Terica. I am glad I got out, it would have been sad for her to eat at our special Burger King alone. Thanks for all your prayers. I’m feeling much better. I’m calling it my 50 thousand mile tune up. Now let’s go some more!

    As you read this we are in the midst of the first summer camp for 2018. It is an exciting year as we now have five villages we serve. I know this year is going to be the best ever. This week I read yet another book that talked about the pro’s and con’s of short term mission trips. They do seem to run the gamut. Here is my take. Short term mission trips are wonderful if the people coming will diligently seek God as to the “WHY” they are/were there. If they respond to God’s calling on their life, then short term mission trips are the best thing since sliced bread. As with all of life we have options… look, listen, learn, and respond to God… or not. That can happen on a mission trip or in a local mall parking lot. Let God inspire you today with what you have seen and then do something about that inspiration. Don’t let yourself be distracted. Live intentional!

    Keep Crossover-Cups in your hearts and in your wallets this summer. We appreciate your partnership.

Mike and Terica


One of the things that I am constantly amazed at is how much God must love these children in the Dominican Republic, just like he loves your kids and mine.

Think about it. Our incredible CUPS team on the ground reaching out to these children and families each week… Phenomenal partners like you, who give sacrificially and in gargantuan ways to support the work of the ministry…Faithful media partners who believe in God’s mandate to help the poor…all of these pieces of the puzzle our sovereign God pulls together to touch a heart and transform a child and a family. It only happens because the finances are there to do the work of the ministry. Thank you. We can’t do it without you and your prayers of support. You are a tremendous blessing. I wish you could be here this summer to interact with teams from around the U.S. who will see first hand the fruit of your partnership. If you aren’t coming this summer, it’s not too late to start planning for other trips!

Thankful for You,
ack Eason

Progress Happens When God’s People Give



We held an incredible fundraiser with one of our media partners this month. With the help of our staff, volunteers, and partnerships we were able to raise over $17,000 to put towards building a new community center here in Lower Zion.


Both Mike Williams and Jack Eason travel to churches, conferences, mission events, and more sharing about the work of the mission. They love challenging your church family, attendees, or conference participants. All you have to do is cover expenses and provide a love offering for the mission. If you would like more info, give Jack a call at 877-291-6501, ext. 2 or email him at


Crossover CUPS Mission celebrates THIRTY years
as a non-profit organization this February 2019!
February 28, 2019
Register and plan to join us for a night of celebration with Jack Eason, Mike Williams, tons of friends, laughter, and inspiration!


If you are wanting to keep up to date with the mission, follow us on Facebook at