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About CUPS Mission


CUPS MISSION is a group of Christians who saw the plight of very young girls who were being trafficked nightly on the open streets of the Dominican Republic. Their rescue and recovery would require a change in the mindset of their families. Working in the poorest of communities targeted by the traffickers, the mission provides Christian discipleship, family counseling, nutrition, medical care, and vocational education. This provides the foundation for a new life with hope and a future. This same foundation is working successfully in the Malawi, Africa project and has seeded the Mexico City project.

CUPS MISSION has chosen to base their work in measurable vocational success projects. Cups President Jack Eason says, “If you are only going to spin your wheels, you might better not do it at all. It is dangerous to raise the hopes of the hopeless and not deliver.” The mission provides education in non-traditional subjects (Bakery Chef, Master Seamstress, Business Operation, Christian Discipleship, Field Medical training, and others as the tools are available). Missionary Mike Williams says, “As in many developing nations, a high school education provides little, as no jobs are available. CUPS provides students with vocational skills to operate their own businesses. This puts them in the driver’s seat of their future. The intertwined discipleship allows them to live godly lives in Christ Jesus.

This is all funded by the generosity of compassionate people who want to know their gift matters. Many people offer a recurring gift of seventy-five cents a day ($23 a month), the cost for one student to access every program offered. Others provide sewing machine and business scholarships of $250, $500, or $1000. And still others help build vocational training and discipleship buildings. These buildings are multi-purpose and often used to start a new church in the community. Every gift counts in reaching the 600 families now being impacted by the mission yearly. Come spend a week with the 1000+ children in our 6 week summer camp and experience the success on one of our Serve Teams.

The old story reminds us of a strange tide that had stranded thousands of starfish along a beautiful ocean coastline. As the waters rapidly receded, the starfish were trapped and being scorched to death in the summer sun. Mr. Compassion sees the need and runs to the beach. He begins grasping starfish, and with all his might, he flings them far out into the life-saving waters of the ocean. He must work fast as there is little time left. Mr. Empathy also saw the strange situation. His heart broke for the starfish who would be lost that day, but his mind told him the project’s success was unattainable. He considered the inconvenience of helping at that time or any time. To justify his lack of action or simply make himself feel better, he shouts to Mr. Compassion, “Hey, buddy. There are thousands of starfish on the beach. This is tragic, but there is no way you can save them all. What difference can you make?” Barely looking up from his rescue mission and with another starfish in his hand, he responded, “I can make all the difference to this one.” Then he threw another back into the life-giving ocean and continued his heroic activity.

While empathy is saddened by a need, compassion does something about it. Cups Mission offers you the opportunity to make a genuine difference in a tragic problem. Become a partner today. Plan a trip today. Pray for Cups Mission today.