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Plant a Church in Malawi

Your partnership of $1200 provides:

  • Room and Board for 6 months at the Global Harvest School of Missions

  • Training and Development for the pastor

  • A Bible in their Chichewa language

  • Additional Vocational Training while on site (most of these pastors will be bi-vocational pastors in the third world culture because churches can’t fully financially support them

  • Start-up funds to get them going in the village where they will be deployed.

Your partnership will help these pastors:

  • Learn solid doctrine and theology of Christianity in a country where hodge-podge, buffet style philosophy is common because of a lack of solid teaching

  • Share the true gospel in areas where people have no real access to the gospel

  • Give these pastors the fuel they need to stand against Islam, the fastest growing religion in Malawi (which is funded by oil nations in the Middle East)

  • Encouragement to follow the call of Jesus

Benefits available to you and to your church (if you choose):

  • Ability to connect consistently through technology to your Pastor on the ground

  • Available to visit your pastor with your church from the states and/or bring a group to do ministry

  • Your church would have a ‘church plant’ on the ground in Malawi

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