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Let Mike or Jack speak at your church!

Mike Williams

Mike Williams is the Founder and Lead Missionary of the Crossover Cups Mission and is in the states for a few weeks each Spring and Fall sharing comedy and sharing about the mission in the Dominican Republic. Your church can be blessed and be a blessing with a CROSSOVER CUPS/ HILARITY CHARITY/COMEDY FOR A CAUSE event with well respected Christian Comedian, Missionary, and Dove Award Winner- Mike G. Williams.

Here is how it works: You get a great morning or evening of clean family comedy, and you receive an offering for the Cups mission.

Mike G. Williams does a limited number of comedy appearances every year at local churches for a love offering taken for the mission.

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Jack Eason

Jack Eason is the Executive Director of The Crossover Cups Mission, and has been privileged to serve the local Church and missions-related organizations around the world for over 30 years.

He enjoys challenging audiences and sharing about the work of the mission in the Dominican Republic. He is often heard speaking in church events or at Christian school assemblies and chapel services.

Jack has a few dates each year where he promotes the mission and takes up a love offering for the work in the Dominican.

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