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School Partnership

Benefits of Partnering

  • School exposure
  • A trusted educational outlet for schools to use for their students
  • Discounted trips (The first faculty member to sign up goes for free*)
  • Hands-On Experiential learning for students in the Third World
  • Reinforcing what students are learning in the classroom
  • Providing opportunities for students to use their skills and talents

*not including airfare


Off the coast of Florida, the Dominican Republic boasts a picturesque Caribbean landscape and is a popular tourist destination. Despite its beauty, many locals face daily struggles, living on less than $2 a day. Limited resources lead to challenges like hunger, lack of education, and inadequate clothing. In this vulnerable environment, human trafficking becomes a desperate option for those seeking income without education.

The Mission intervenes, supporting Dominican children to break free from this cycle. By providing resources, we empower them to pursue their dreams and avoid the grim choice of sexual exploitation due to limited alternatives.

Your students can embark on a transformative journey by earning academic credit through our one-week alternative break program, joining the mission to make a lasting impact.

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Our CUPS Dominican Summer Interns prepare and lead each mission activity, build lifelong friendships with the Dominican people in our villages, translate, and work closely with our on-the-ground missionaries; these are just a few of the many roles and opportunities.

Stateside interns will have opportunities to develop their professional skills while making a difference in the lives of others. All majors are encouraged to apply.

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Go through our Executive Director’s new book The Loneliness Solution (written for students) with a group of students, perhaps as a class, internship, or leadership group. You will receive:

  • Copies of The Loneliness Solution
  • Access to the IceBreaker videos for each chapter
  • Access to the Expert Video interviews for each chapter
  • A “Closing Challenge” Video from Jack Eason for each chapter with action steps
  • Downloadable PDF of questions for each chapter
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