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Your Station Can Play a Key Role in Bringing Relief and Hope To the Poorest of the Poor. 

As a radio station, your ability to communicate the plight of the poor and mobilize a response to specific, urgent needs is a role you’re uniquely positioned to play! Leaders in developing countries are living and working in the trenches fighting the war on poverty with everything they have. You can respond to the plight of the poor. Radio stations that are willing to bring these two groups together, effectively linking our outreaches overseas with radio ministries who want to help are vital. Your station can play this important role in communicating the need and giving those who want to help an opportunity to respond by hosting a CUPS Mission Radiothon.

Your station can adopt a specific project or village through the Cups Mission.
(Some stations have created listener TRIPS so that listeners can come down with their station and see the work.)

Brian Smith, General Manager, 90.7 HOPE FM

Michelle Younkman, Christian Music Broadcasters

Bill Sammons, The Bridge

What is a CUPS Mission (CCM) Radiothon?

A CUPS Mission Radiothon consists of a 1-1/2day or 2-day broadcast in which our on-air hosts represent CCM and join your station’s on-air staff in asking listeners to financially support a specific project. In an effort to maintain your station’s format, the hosts and your team conduct 4 short segments/breaks each hour. We utilize your normal breaks and follow your normal clock. Your listeners will be invited to give in one of two ways; they may either call the CUPS call center to pledge their support over the phone (you can forward your station phone number), or they may visit your station’s web site and click on the link to the CUPS Mission web site where they can give online.

We will share real time reporting of those on the phone and share thank you’s in real time from those calling to support the effort. In addition to the host’s appeals, your station will receive a package of promotional spots to air throughout the broadcast and during the overnight hours.

What Does a CCM Radiothon Involve?

When your station chooses to host a CCM Radiothon, you are choosing to become a partner with CUPS and our work on behalf of the poor. As a partner, we want your station to be as equipped and educated as possible so that you may communicate the plight of the poor as effectively as possible. We realize that the best way to promote an on-air event is to talk about it on the air, and the most effective on-air promotion can be done through hosts who understand and are passionate about what they’re promoting.

Therefore, weeks before the Radiothon, we educate your staff regarding the overall mission of CUPS as well as the specific project for which your station will be raising funds. In addition, we also provide you with promotional spots to air during the weeks before the Radiothon; this way your listeners are familiar with the work of CUPS and are prepared to give. We create a link from your station’s web site to the Cups web site (so you are giving out YOUR STATION WEBSITE on the air) so that listeners can find more information about Cupsand if they so choose, give online. Additionally, you can route YOUR STATION PHONE NUMBER to the Cups Call Center so you are giving out a number listeners already know.

Through the internet, the on air team can see how many people are on the phone lines and
get instant reports to thank listeners for participating.

As with any on-air promotion or fundraiser, it is important to promote a Radiothon before, during, and even after the event. We do everything we can to help your station do this effectively.

Here’s an opportunity for your station to WIN with some revenue, your listeners WIN by supporting an effort for the poor, and the children in the project in the Dominican Republic WIN as well.

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