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Update From Mike

By November 14, 2017August 14th, 2023No Comments

November 5, 2017

Dear Friend!

Let me start off by saying a big “THANK YOU” to our very faithful supporters. You are amazing. I have said it before, and I will undoubtedly say it again, “If I had known this ministry was going to grow to be this big, I don’t think I would have had the faith to take the initial plunge.” Many of you have been with us from day two, and God has brought others along at just the right time. You are a blessing and truly touching so many children and transforming their lives. Again I can only express a big THANK YOU!

If you LIKE’d and FOLLOW’d your Cups Of Cold Water Mission on Facebook you know we are in the midst of our yearly Thanksgiving For The Garbage Dump People project. A time when we raise money to provide every person at the dump an extra bag of grocery items for their families. In tandem with this project, we are very excited as this coming Monday we will have a team in La Union Abajo putting the roof on the new community center (a place for the Garbage Dump children to receive education and discipleship). We will have another team on the ground for Thanksgiving week working in the dump. Your CUPS team is there five days a week, every week, but this will be a special team from the states. It has been your kindness that has allowed us to do this each year. It means so much to these poor people. Together we are going forward and taking more ground back from the enemy!

Please SHARE every Facebook post you possibly can. Every year so far we have gained new partners because our current partners have shared posts. Your connection with CUPS brings us credibility. A simple share can mean meals for hundreds. And as always, if you can personally help us with our garbage dump feeding project, “THANK YOU” for your kindness. It feels good to know that 100% is going to feed the hungry and that your gift is being matched… doubled… thanks to a generous donor.

NEW MISSIONARIES TO CUPS: A few years ago I told my wife Terica, “If anything would ever happen to me in the death department, call Jack Eason, he would be capable of leading this mission forward.” I have that kind of trust in him.  Jack Eason’s Crossover Ministries took CUPS on as their project a few years ago. They have been helping us raise money for large projects through radio promotion, and doing our fund receiving for no cost. They are givers, not takers! They, like yourself, came to be a part of the transformation and future of children in the Dominican Republic after a mission trip with CUPS. Along this friendship journey, Jack and his Crossover team have brought great leadership and innovation to our mission. Jack has led numerous groups to the DR which has freed me up to extend the public appearances I need to make to keep the weekly budget needs met. His office, which includes Will Crosby, have been organizing our summer teams for greater efficiency and doing it as a great favor to me. To know that the logistics side of all the travel is taken care of is a great blessing. I personally am grateful for God bringing the next level of leadership along at just the right time. I have asked that Crossover Ministries and Cupsbecome more “joined at the hip” in our future journey. They have a great following and an international 501C fully vetted and established. So as you see the name Crossover and Cups together, please know it is still me, but Jack Eason is along with me to ensure that CUPS MISSION is here to stay for the long haul. Your partnership is secure and your investment in these poor students is being set up for the long haul.

I believe in union! I believe in partnership. I have always been a guy who played well with others. The unanswered prayer of Jesus was, “Father, may they be one as You and I are one.” Together we stand stronger.

Thank you so very much!!

Mike Williams
Cups Director